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Version 9 releases

We recommend that you always update to the latest version covered by your license. For more information, read more about updating SpreadsheetConverter.


Read more on the version 9.3 news page.


  • Publish to Cloud  – a built-in web publishing solution.
  • Real-time Sync and Browser Storage supported in Node.js flavor.
  • Professional edition features like Interactive Charts, File Attachments can now be tested without license.
  • Test spreadsheet for Installation verification.
  • Partial support for Excel Table.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and error corrections.

Read more on the version 9.2 news page.


  • Miscellaneous improvements and error corrections.


Read more on the version 9.0 news page.

Version 8 releases


Read more on the version 8.4 news page.


Read more on the version 8.3 news page.


Read more on the version 8.2 page



  • Node.js flavor hides the Excel formulas in server-side calculators.
  • Responsive Design creates web pages that adapt to all screen widths.
  • Theme Designer creates visual themes for forms and calculators.
  • Offline Forms lets users submit web forms even when they are offline.
  • Reborn widgets gives your web pages a modern design.
  • Real-time Sync permits multiple users to collaborate with a calculator also from IPhone and Android.
  • Big browser storage allows you to pre-fill all your previous input data also for very big forms.

Read more on the version 8 page.

Version 7 releases



  • The Dropbox link will be in https in compliance with Dropbox policy.
  • Automatic enabled captcha when a field is named “email”.
  • IE to be used in standard mode rather than quirks mode.
  • Faster creation of zip files.
  • Tooltip enhancement
  • Chart enhancement regarding labels and presentation.


  • Live Share – a new feature that lets two or more people collaborate on a web calculator. Currently available in the Html flavor only. Read the full Live Share tutorial.
  • Conditional Formatting and the Hide Rows widget are now supported in ASP/ASP.NET flavor too.
  • Slider widget now supports decimal values for min, max and interval. This means, you can now have 0.01 as interval.
  • Better fix for issue that calculated field appearing as input field in the smartphone flavor.



  • We created a Google Maps widget. From Excel, you can select what map to show and add markers from formulas. (Only HTML flavor)
  • Conditional formatting that depends on formulas.
  • Improved dropdown lists for currency and dates.
  • Charts handles negative axis much better.
  • Grid lines in charts.
  • Saving of previous values in browser improved.


  • Urgent fix for you who use Dropbox for hosting of the calculator.



  • Mostly improvements on 7.0


Read more on the Version 7 page.

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